Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (c) Shakespeare

Well, in fact in the state of Britain. I always liked the UK. This country has a great history and great traditions. Art, literature, everything. I always loved the language of Shakespeare. It is my first foreign language, and it is the corporate language of my company. Now besides this “liking” there is more… My company is actively doing business in the UK. Many British companies use products developed by us. However, there is more. I have chosen Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Business School as the place where I decided to study. This way I invested about $20K GBP into the economy of UK. I successfully finalized my studies and earned my Executive MBA diploma after three years. Therefore, it was about time to go to the graduation ceremony. You know, gown, cap…


I am on my way to Barcelona in the first hotel in Uzgorod. Something is unique about the hotels. Usually, home is associated with safety, warmth and comfort. It is beautiful and sweet yet it is boring.  Now hotels are the same way protective but yet exciting. They are no final. They are process.  Process is always a hope.  Of course, depending on how much time you spend travelling your feelings may be different or evolve.


While waiting for my MBA diploma from Edinburgh Business School, I was considering taking an extra course of Leadership from the School. Not being sure whether I need it, I found the offer from City Business School to try this same course free. The idea of saving some$2,5K and testing the difference between real life and online business education attracted me enough to try it.

Easy fix

I had the problem with this colleague. We participated in a dozen of meetings over the previous several weeks. I mean teleconferences. There always was this issue – I did not quite understand her. I heard her but not as good as the rest of the participants. The same thing was happening today. And suddenly one of the guys told her: “Looks like your mic is up the headset, can you take it down.” Shock and laugh. Boy, was it loud now? It did the trick.

Failing once

Some five months ago I failed my first MBA exam. As a matter of fact, it was the first time in my life I failed an exam. Now after I have reapplied and successfully passed it with “A” grade, I should say it was a great experience, and I am quite satisfied that I failed it back then.

Challenging times

I could not imagine there will be times like these. I must admit working and doing business with all this worrying information pouring from the news is a challenge. Several weeks ago, I noticed that people were mostly discussing the situation in the country rather than doing their work. We agreed though that we should keep working as hard as ever. It is also important for people to see and understand that company cares and will do whatever it takes to protect them and their families.

Sell me an excitement!

I remember that feeling when I had HTC Diamond in my hands for the first time. It was a mix of thrill and excitement. It was exactly that famous wow effect. After mobile phone, it felt like you had all the world at your fingers tips and your PC in the pocket. It was more than just buying a new thing; it was buying a new experience.