EU customs

I happen to be a frequent traveler to EU. Several times every year. Business and recreation. Being a physically challenged person, I mostly travel by car. Therefore, I am a frequent visitor on the border customs. I do not have too many words (that wouldn’t be in French) to describe the situation on these customs. Enough to say that you can easily spend up to 6 hours in a waiting queue. Not to mention the customs officers who are a complete disaster. Highly unprofessional and lazy people.


I am on my way to Barcelona in the first hotel in Uzgorod. Something is unique about the hotels. Usually, home is associated with safety, warmth and comfort. It is beautiful and sweet yet it is boring.  Now hotels are the same way protective but yet exciting. They are no final. They are process.  Process is always a hope.  Of course, depending on how much time you spend travelling your feelings may be different or evolve.