Busiest Guy in the Company

A while ago I was mentioning one funny Russian business shortening and its meaning.

There is another one exists. Called ISA. Can be translated as Imitation of the Stormy Activity. This guy is always busy. In our company, we even have an unofficial nomination for this type of person – Busiest Guy in the Company. So this person seems to be a key person in the business. Obviously, without him, we would not make it.

What “it”? Hmm, this is where problems for our guy begin. Eventually, supervisor catching herself at the thought that she doesn’t know what this person does specifically and that the result of these activities turns to be the white noise and nothing else.

Then you are getting rid of this person, and it turns out that at worst nothing happens to the business, and at best things suddenly beginning to work out more efficiently. Have you been through similar developments?

Happy New Year!

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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