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Here I have written a very brief post about the release date and general inability to assess it correctly. As a constant reader of the business literature, I thought how the same paragraph would look like if it were a part of a business book.

Well, to begin with the author would state the importance of the on-time delivery for the software business as such. It would be the right time to discuss the goals setting then. Few pages about why the goals should be SMART and what this acronym means anyway would do it, and then the plot would move to the general rules of road maps creation and overall strategic planning. Few pages about project management and process automation would finalize this part.

The material would cover the motivation and its importance then. It would be worth mentioning the motivational theories (from Maslow’s to Cognitive Evaluation theories) and briefly, touch each. Then we probably would discuss their applicability to the software development industry. Soft HRM would be the content of the tenth to fifteenth pages, and that would finalize the second part.

Then it would be an appropriate moment for the recent trends in the software industry discussion. The author would cover Agile and Waterfall and cons and pros of the former and latter on the next pages. Now it would be enough content for the decent book with a $35 for the hardcover and $19 for the Kindle edition price tag.

The funny thing though would be that even after reading the book and following its advice there still would be six months delay thing. However, the book would create added value, would make its author more wealthy or, at least, famous person and would push the economy forward. Well, after all, maybe I should start writing more comprehensive posts.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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