Here I put together the list of product IT Company’s CEO’s responsibilities. Based on the stage and particular circumstances, some tasks eventually becoming the duty of various VPs. I did not list sales and marketing functions below. It would be too much. As if it is not too much anyway.

Customer development
Segmenting the market, looking for sweet spots and opportunities
Drawing the customer(s) portrait(s)

Preparing, adjusting and formulating strategic tasks for R&D
Working with the head of R&D on product roadmap
Innovating and enhancing existing technologies
Change management. Making sure the product adequately responds to the new challenges and opportunities of the market.
Supervising R&D and QA teams

Monitoring the new trends in the industry
Keeping track of new developments in competing businesses
Spreading the word in professional forums and communities

Business processes
Developing and formulating business strategy
Monitoring and coordinating work of company departments and business processes
Formulating and controlling tasks for team leaders and top managers of the company

Maintaining relationship with the board of directors
Setting up and leading board meetings
Working with authorities and government bodies
Supervising and participating in PR and brand building activities
Building business and technology alliances
Passing audits and due diligences, keeping company ready for these

Keeping an eye on financial statements and ensuring the liquidity sufficiency
Budgeting and budget execution supervising
Running and coordinating money raising activities
Maintaining the relationship with VC community
Looking for the possible strategic exit (IPO, acquisition opportunities)

Looking for best talents
Keeping team motivated

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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