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What is the difference between corporate and consumer purchases? There are many, but one important is the fact that corporate purchase almost 100% based on the word “need” while a consumer purchase often based on the word “want”.

Of course, we (people) buy many things we need. We cannot survive without them. However, very often our purchases are emotions driven. That is we see something, and instantly we want to possess this thing even though we do not need it. Probably a significant part of the marketing on the consumer markets headed towards this very approach of creating an emotion. To make us want something and then, since we are reasonable human beings, give us the reasons to convince ourselves that not only we want this thing but we also need it. Marketing on a consumer market addresses both emotional and reasonable parts of human beings.

Corporate world seldom bases decisions on the emotion, and the majority of marketing activities are helping customers understand that the solution addresses some particular business need of theirs. We care less about making them want our product. In fact, if you try to make corporate marketing more emotional and human oriented you will eventually have it more consumer like. Many corporate customers may consider it less professional then.

Therefore, the challenge is how to enrich the B2B marketing with the benefits of emotions without compromising the level of professionalism and image of corporate style the solution has. I would say it requires careful experiments. I am sure though as soon as we can impose both rational and emotional parts to B2B marketing the results will be astonishing. It is something worth thinking.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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