Failing once

Some five months ago I failed my first MBA exam. As a matter of fact, it was the first time in my life I failed an exam. Now after I have reapplied and successfully passed it with “A” grade, I should say it was a great experience, and I am quite satisfied that I failed it back then.

It was anger initially, but then I just had to cope with the fact, and I found out that the sky did not fall on the earth, and nothing terrible happened. So outcome number one – you have the right to make the mistake. Take it easier.

When I reapplied, I took the preparation process very seriously. I went far beyond the course and read four extra books on the subject. So I can say I know much more about the subject now than I would have learned from the course.  So outcome number two – you never know where you will lose and where gain.

Victory tastes sweet, but not as sweet as a win after fail. It is a third outcome.

Of course, you should not get used to failing. One time is OK, but it should be an exception, not a rule.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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