Find yourself procrastinating less

How many projects took longer than initially planned? How many great intentions never turned into the actions and how many ideas did not succeed because of procrastination? We all procrastinate because it perfectly fits our nature. If there is an option to be sitting, no one will be staying, and when you can lie down, you won’t be sitting instead. Doubt that? How often were you watching TV on your legs? It is one part of it.

Another is that we like to do what we like and trying to skip the tasks we do not like. Especially if these tasks are complicated and require a lot of time and attention.

I do not think I will suggest any unique approach here. Just my method. For me, it is all about the ability to get out of the comfort zone. You need to practice it up to the point when you feel comfortable being out of comfort. Then you will apply this skill to the pending tasks whether they are of business or private nature. By this time, you will know how to make yourself do something you do not like. It is a question of practice.

And then reward yourself. With that sweet feeling “I am cool, I did it”. At some moment, you will find yourself procrastinating less and performing more. Precisely the goal.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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