How we are different?

Differentiation is the key word for the marketing. Every single marketing manager knows and uses the “purple cow” concept nowadays. “How we are different from the competition” is the kind of a question many businesses keep asking themselves.

Well, if you are asking yourself this question you are already in trouble. Because ideally you should know the answer before you started the journey. You found some unaddressed or poorly addressed problem and decided to create the business around the solution. It is how you are different. You are solving the problem no one solved yet, or you do it the way no one was able to do it or for the different niche (“blue ocean”).

But what if you created “me too” solution? You know, one more messenger or yet another tool to reboot Windows (oh my). Well, then you need to find something that makes you different. It can be a feature, business model, marketing approach. Of course, that messenger won’t change the world nor will it make it a better place to live but still you will be able to create the business around it.

And then you will be able to buy some time to do a “pivot shift” and finally, come up with some unique project or feature. Skype is still a messenger but with the video conferencing functionality that made it unique at some point. Not anymore of course. Who will be the first to offer holographic 3D chat or integrate the chat into my TV set?

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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