Need for change

I believe a need for change is one of the very fundamental psychological needs of a human being. I further believe that people with a more compelling need for change achieve more than those with a moderate. This need makes a person with a stable job in a big corporation start looking for alternatives and take the risk of joining that next startup.

This need is also the engine of progress. You can be sure Facebook will disappear in some five years because of a necessity of change in communications and networking. Tablets are replacing PCs because we are getting tired of the way we do things and want a change.

Another important psychological need of a human being is a necessity of stability. We feel secure when we are stable, and we need that security.

Opposite forces are driving our lives, and we make decisions based on which one need from these two takes over at this particular moment. Shall I go to my favorite restaurant or try a new one for tonight?

What are the implications for business? You can make your way by using a need for change and then milk your profits enjoying a necessity of stability. The trick is to understand what need drives your niche at this particular moment and find the right message to address it.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman