Reading gets more interesting.

Previously I read only one book at a time. I gave it some thought… Probably it had something to do with the idea of keeping the focus and doing only one thing, but doing it real well. Maybe it also addressed the concern of having too many starts and very few ends if you know what I mean… “Yeah, I began to read a new book, just lost interest in the previous.” ))

Maybe the roots were in the idea that the book is usually so fascinating that you just don’t have enough time, emotions and desire to read more than one at a time. Like could you read “War and Peace” and “Godfather” at the same time? Well… To say the truth the majority of books, I am reading these days, are not that fascinating. Plus my MBA courses reminded me of a university and school times when I had to read several books at the same time regardless of my desire to do so.

So I spent the time on my week off reading Quran (always wanted to learn it, never had time and chance) and Leadership course textbook. A chapter of one book and then Surah from another one, and tell you what – it works. Maybe because they are so different and appeal to the separate parts of the brain and soul it works well! I am not getting bored with the same reading, and the process moves on fast.

Now the question is what number of books is optimal for the reading? Guess three is the right limit. I’ll try it.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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