Saying good-bye.

Have you ever fired somebody? Suppose there is a need to say goodbye to one of the employees. How do you do that? Below are some standard recommendations for doing this painful thing less painful.

First of all the reason does matter here. But let us presume that we are talking about some trivial cause, not a fraud, not theft.

  • Be in the right mood. Not angry, not too tired.
  • No Fridays, no days before the holidays, please.
  • Carry the talk in private.
  • Talk to the employee in a calm voice, acknowledge his input in the company’s current success (if any) and make very clear what is the reason for the dismissal.
  • Let the guy express himself and give his explanations but don’t turn it into the argument or discussion – the purpose of the meeting is different.
  • Discuss remaining payments, compensations, etc. It all should be agreed on.
  • Try to keep the guy “a friend of the company” if possible. Some people I’ve fired still recommend me on LinkedIn.

In general treat people, fair and even bitter pills can be given and taken with dignity by both sides.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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