Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (c) Shakespeare

Well, in fact in the state of Britain. I always liked the UK. This country has a great history and great traditions. Art, literature, everything. I always loved the language of Shakespeare. It is my first foreign language, and it is the corporate language of my company. Now besides this “liking” there is more… My company is actively doing business in the UK. Many British companies use products developed by us. However, there is more. I have chosen Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Business School as the place where I decided to study. This way I invested about $20K GBP into the economy of UK. I successfully finalized my studies and earned my Executive MBA diploma after three years. Therefore, it was about time to go to the graduation ceremony. You know, gown, cap…

For which purpose I applied for a British visa. The outcome is in the below e-mail sent by me to Warsaw embassy and Domestic Office:



My name is Artem Berman:

– I am COO of StarWind Software, Inc

– I am a graduate of Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University

– I am a disabled person, paralyzed from the neck down and a wheelchair user

I was planning to attend the ceremony of graduation at Edinburgh and receive my Executive MBA diploma on November 20th. For this purpose, I applied for British visa with my wife and driver providing the necessary supporting documents as well as written explanation of my situation. As a result, I have been provided with the visa while my driver was denied the same. Now I clearly explained that as a paralyzed person I am unable to sit, lie down, urinate and do other physiological activities without assistance. The denial of the visa to my caregiver while granting it to myself in this situation looks very much like mockery and humiliation.

Nevertheless, I reapplied my driver but only to get the second denial. Being the businessperson with many business partners in the UK, being investor into British economy and physically challenged person who needs an assistance of the caregiver I would still ask you urgently review my case. I was planning to travel by car to the UK and still can be at the Embassy in Warsaw on Monday, Nov 17 with my driver. I sincerely hope you can review the case, honor my rights, and not take advantage of my situation.

Thank you!

With respect,

Artem Berman, MBA


You got the idea. Fascinating isn’t it? This is beside the fact that I spent about $800 on my applications.

Now I do respect the sovereign right of UK government to deny a visa any person they consider unwelcome. However, please follow this link: UK RAPE SCANDAL How do you find it now? First of all, I would like to say that my warmest sympathies are with victims and their families.

But is this how British authorities protect their citizens? So I am the unwanted guest, and these guys are welcome there. Is it a mandatory to be a rapist to get British visa? All rapists qualify or only those from Pakistan? Don’t you think that something is rotten in the state of Britain? I will keep you posted on the story development. For now, though, they stole my celebration.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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  1. It took more than a month but it is done. I am still very surprised (to say the least) that British immigration law has not dealt with the case like mine before. I am still not sure whether the democracy has won or just particular immigration officer took the case close to her heart. I still missed my ceremony, had hard feelings and burned quite a few nerve cells. However, I am given a chance to attend the next ceremony in summer now. Look at the visa. You never have and never will see anything like that. Enter outside of the rules huh? ))


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