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They asked in an interview why I still live in Ukraine while other countries provide more opportunities for the life and career development. It is a valid question. The short answer would be “no idea”. The longer answer would be as following: Ukraine has no future if things go the way they are moving right now. A country stuck in the middle of the way to nowhere. Not Russia and not Europe. There are much corruption and anger and lack of professionalism and law here. However, it moves on, and a new generation (well, part of it) tries to change things. They do it in particular companies and for now unable to do anything on the state level. However, maybe one day soon.

I have no reasons to like this country. Since I broke my neck at the age of 16, I never had any help from the state. No pension, no health care. Nothing ever was given for free or with discount. No psychological rehabilitation, no help. Nothing, never. However, hey things, which do not kill you, make you stronger. No one owes you.

Then why I am here when there is no reason to be here and when I do not like it here? Maybe because my family lives here? Maybe just because I think I do not have enough money to move. I do not know if I will stay or leave, but I know that I managed to survive here, managed to get the education I wanted, managed to create the businesses. I managed to get myself a life here which is not worse than the life I would have anywhere.

It appears I can stand even Ukraine as long as I have an Internet connection. ))

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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