Does money motivate?

I noted something interesting. Money is not enough anymore. Well, this is the old news of course. If you study motivational theories, you will see that some authors argue whether money motivates at all. Salary increase alone often does not change a thing.

As one of my fellows said: “Strange thing – one will appreciate a company covering his mobile phone expenses. The cost involved is usually $30/m. If you were granted the same person a bonus of $30, he would take it as a personal offence”. If we are talking about same $30 then why?

Maybe because money merely perceived as due compensation while benefits show that the company cares? Attention matters more than a present.

Up to the latest, the money was king in CIS region. If we pay you fair money and regularly increase the salary, you are expected to be happy and deliver 200%. It is not enough anymore. Social benefits mean more and more. While sometimes, they cost a company less than an increase in wages/salaries.

Even cat likes the kind word, as they say, in Russia.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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