Google is different now. How to get the leads?

It is not very comprehensive review. But still. So if you cannot get to top 10 on Google. How do you survive and where do you recruit the leads?

  1. Social networks.
    Indeed, social networks can help you build the chain of the followers (btw the following service aids to weight how influential you are Kred). The problem though you need to move people away from social networks on your list and reach out to them from there. The reason is obvious – people are out for fun and not to shop on these networks. But nevertheless, social networks do work well.
  2. Running the blog.
    It can be the blog on a separate site or some popular engine including Facebook. The secret of the success is still good old content. The more interesting content you produce, the more people will get in touch with you.
  3. Take it personal.
    Meeting people in person and then linking with them on-line is also an excellent way to promote your service or goods. You hardly can add the hundreds of contacts this way but with people quality is above quantity. It is a wrong way for sales, though. For sales, you better do the conference or webinar and meet the tens or hundreds of the visitors at once. )).
  4. What you pay is what you get.
    Commercial means like AdWords still work if you can afford and know how to tune these campaigns. Sponsoring of the blogs is also working scenario. Just make sure you get more than you spend.
  5. Communities.
    Being active in communities is when you do something for fun, and then it brings you some money. It also makes you “powerful influencer” © Seth Godin.

I am sure there is more than that. After all, you still can get to top 10 by doing these 5 activities that you initiated because you could not get to that top. )))

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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