Hiring back

Here is somewhat new subject. Suppose somebody left your company and after some period, this person considers returning. There can be any reason for that, but she approaches you with such a request. Now the question is what are you going to do?

Would you be emotional about it: “we do not need people we cannot rely on”. Would you be worried that if somebody left the company once, she would do it again?

My opinion here – concentrate on what is best for the business. If you can get already trained and the knowledgeable person back and you have a vacancy open – why not? Few important things as I see them:

  1. The company itself is often the reason employee leaves. Say you weren’t able to offer the challenging and exciting tasks and growth opportunities.
  2. Any separation should be comfortable for both parties. I have already written the material about it. Never burn the bridges.
  3. Obviously, if there was something wrong with the person there is no way you may want her back.
  4. You are hiring a person to fill the vacancy and not inventing the job to employ the person.

Anyhow, right now we are hiring back two people who left the company previously. Hopefully, it will work out nicely.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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