Incubators in Ukraine. Concerns

Only 5% (AVentures statistics) of Ukrainian startups can POTENTIALLY get funded by Silicon Valley VCs. There are few reasons why.


  1. US funds will never invest in any non-US company. With very few exceptions. They prefer to work within the same legal field and the same culture. The money will never go out of US simply.
  2. Most Ukrainian projects will never get any monetization in the US. Cultural difference is the one biggest reason. We may THINK that there is the future of the project abroad but realistically the majority of projects have a life only within our local realities.
  3. Local founders speak different languages with the potential investor. I mean not only primary language barrier (Russian/English) but also a level of knowledge and expertise.

There are ways to deal with this situation.


  1. Registering entity in the US alone will not help much. What needed is US-based CEO as early as possible as well as a willingness of the founders to move to the US if needed.
  2. Close relations with US incubators and funds needed. Having their guys on the board can be vital at some point. Having their men voting for the winner projects may serve as a guarantee of the future interest.
  3. Having experienced advisers can help avoid deadlocks caused by these and other problems.
Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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