X habits of the effective people.

I say, every day on LinkedIn I read next “x habits of highly effective people”. You can replace that “highly effective” with “successful”, “productive”, etc. I have many questions in this regard.


  1. Will adopting of these habits make me successful as well?
  2. What if I miss some? Should I create them or accept myself the way I am?
  3. Can different people have same habits? Like all same habits.
  4. Are there any proves that all successful people share the same habits?
  5. What is the point in repeating the same ideas over and over? In the posts, articles, books?
  6. What are the habits of highly ineffective people?


I think authors are just trying to find one size that fits all and attempting to do the systematization of the human beings individual characters. On the second thought, staying in bed until 2 pm and going to clubs daily probably two habits capable managers do not possess so some systematization is possible after all. Or maybe these two are exactly the must have attitudes of efficient managers in show biz?

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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