MBA or not MBA

Is it worth spending your time and money on getting MBA diploma? Some people will say “ yes” and some will say “no.” The first group most likely have MBA diplomas themselves. People from second (like Josh Caufmann, author of the beautiful “The Personal MBA” book) probably do have their interest to suggest not going after MBA. Say, Josh, making the money with every guy who decides to buy his book instead of buying the MBA education. Moreover, why he has that MBA word on his book’s cover?

So is it worth it? It depends as usually. What goals do you have? What previous education do you have? What kind of personality are you? Can you afford MBA? Can you see the correlation between this diploma and your career growth? Have you got the guts to spend hours on self-education? Where are you working?

You learn for yourself. Personal growth is the purpose. And how you do it is only a matter of choosing the right tools. Use as many tools as you can and combine them often.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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