OK, I have it. What now?

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How to speed up your business development process? Act as if you already have your product or service ready to be marketed. Very often, we are spending hours discussing or even worse – creating the goods or services we are going to market. Do a little brainstorming session and several quick market tests playing the game ‘OK, I have it. What now?’. Very often, you will find out that there is no market for your idea, but if there is, you will know what to do.

Suppose you are thinking about the concierge service for private houses owners. It seems there is a niche. These folks always have some problems or issues to be addressed. Something always breaks up. You will be a middleman helping them fix these issues. To test the demand before investing do the following: print out 100 flyers offering your service as if it exists. Have a drive and deliver your message to 100 mailboxes. Start getting the calls. Knowing the price, you are to charge and response ratios of people willing to subscribe you can quickly assess your idea. Of course, there is a risk you have chosen the wrong way to deliver your message. Try the nearest store where your prospects shop. In the best case, you will also test the different delivery methods.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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