I do not know exact English translation of this famous Russian wording. To make it worse, it has some strong language used. This abbreviation means “we were sitting, then discussing, then forgetting.” It is the worst outcome possible for any meeting, yet some of them end up like this.

It is crucial that decisions get executed. Poor execution is the most common problem. It doesn’t matter how productive the brainstorming was and how brilliant the decision was if it never got implemented. You know the feeling; right the next meeting on the following week (worse if in a month) and you realize that nothing agreed is ready.

Few things to avoid this type of surprises:

  1. Always set deadlines.
  2. Always make sure there is a person responsible for the execution.
  3. Always make sure the person in charge is aware and committed to the task.
  4. Always send debriefing to the meeting participants.
  5. Write the date and expected outcome on your PM software whatever it is.
  6. Reward good execution and punish the poor.
  7. Follow these steps always; you run a meeting.

With these seven steps, you can limit PPR meetings to the absolute minimum or avoid this result altogether.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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