Startup that just died

I do not know exactly how it is in Western countries, but insurance is a very young business here. People almost never insure their houses and very seldom the life. What they do insure albeit are cars. They are obliged to do it by law.

When there is a small accident though, people almost never use an insurance. First, it makes no sense if your franchise is well above the actual damage’s cost. Second, in order to involve the insurance company you need to call traffic police. In 100% cases, it means that a guilty party is going to lose her driver’s license. At least until the court happens. So people tend to resolve these small cases themselves. How? With the cash. Right there. Right then. However, what does this or that breakage cost? Victim wants $300 for this broken bumper. Guilty party insists the fair price is $100. The actual price most likely is $200. People just had an accident. They are nervous. Conflict is beginning to shape.

Here comes our service. You call us and describe the problem, model of the car, broken parts etc. We check with partner technical services providers and calling you back providing the fair calculation. Finally we have our $2.5-10/min for a phone call.

It seems like there are a niche and opportunity here. Let us Google. Average number of traffic accidents daily in Ukraine is 60. Suppose 75% of these are minor cases. It makes 45. Assume 10% of these will know about us and call us. So four per day. Suppose average time on the phone is 3 min. So 12 min daily. With $10/min, it rounds up to $120. Of which 50% is due to phone services provider. I will not be calculating further (fixed, variable costs, taxes). Makes no sense.

Ok. It is over. Startup is dead. My next best opportunity is CEO position in some hot IT company. Drive safe.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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