We need to hire a guy!

You can do that thing yourself or hire a man to do it. What will you choose? What if I say “you can learn how to do that thing yourself or hire a man to do it”? And what if “You can lose your precious time to get to do that thing yourself risking you won’t be able to do it perfectly or hire another man who is perfect in doing that”?

Having a startup and being limited in the budget, you will often want to save further and do something yourself or assign the task on the guy who already has seven tasks assigned. Will you save some money or fail the task?

When is it the right time to hire? The rule of thumb is when you hire somebody you do not need – you burn your budget and when you do not hire someone you need you delay the business growth. But when it is time? When you have a high need for that or other professional and your calculations or gut feeling tells you that you will earn more with hiring than save without hiring.

After the startup moves on in its life cycle, you will be hiring more and more people. But then again make sure you have a job for this new guy and not a new man to invent the job for.

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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