VC money

If you are a startup founder, eventually, you may have a question if it makes sense for you to run after VC money? They say if you ask about the yacht’s price you cannot afford one. Probably the same way it is with VC – if you have a question whether you need it you probably do not. You know exactly why and what for otherwise.

VC capital buys you the most cherished asset – the time. You can act today the way you would be able to move only in several years if the business would grow organically. It is a time machine. However, it is an expensive one. You pay for it with the equity. Equity is like blood – you never want loose too much of it.

Therefore, if you weighed everything and decided you need the VC (you have the plan and budget in place and know exactly how this money will speed up your growth) – the hunt begins. It is very complicated and lengthy process that itself will teach you a lot as well as eat up your time and nerves. Happy hunting!

Artem Berman

Artem Berman

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